We mothers of Massachusetts stand with the courageous young people and with parents everywhere who want hope in their children’s lives.  We are determined to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and preserve a livable future for all children.

Rachel Wyon, mother of Mario (29) was arrested at the White House to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline in the summer of 2011. She has been a teacher of international elementary and high school students in the Boston area, in Nicaragua, and in India. “I believe that all children deserve to live in a world that can sustain them and our future generations.”

Susan Redlich, mother of a 23-year old daughter, has been an environmental planner with wetlands restoration projects in Massachusetts and with international projects of public access to water. “I see young people as having tremendous creativity and ingenuity for transitioning to a fossil-fuel free future that values social justice.”

Susan Lees is the grandmother of 5, Eduardo, Aidan, Daisy, Anthony and William, and a longtime peace and justice activist.  She has recently been engaged in the effort to reduce the spiraling military budget and redirect the savings to urgent human needs, including renewable energy. “I believe we must end our fossil-fuel use, in order to safeguard our precious earth, its manifold creatures, and the smiles and hugs of children for generations to come”.

Minga Claggett-Borne, mother of Elias (20) and Asa (24) and godmother of Autumn (30) and Lucy (10) is determined to be one of the many to stop the greed of the few. “My sons didn’t want to waste time in high school learning to drive because they could go most places on Boston’s subways. I don’t want to manacle my children to coal, gas or tar sands. Our family loves going hiking on mountains with the carbon in the ground, not in the air.”

Andrée Collier Zaleska (45) is a climate activist, co-founder of the zero-carbon homestead JP Green House (, and mother of sons Kuba (14) and Simon (11). “I was raised in Los Angeles in the 1970s in a society of scientists, naturalists, mystics and activists.  I believe in defending God’s creation, Evolution, and the rights of future generations to a living planet. “


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