UPDATE:  All those arrested on Monday were arraigned Wednesday morning. Everyone safe and in good spirits! (follow on twitter



On Monday, March 11, over 100 people representing a coalition of students, members of the Massachusetts Methodist clergy, mothers fighting for their children, and concerned community members marched into the Westborough, MA office of TransCanada Corporation and held a funeral mourning the loss of our future at the hands of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The pipeline will transport the tar sands that climate scientists say will lock us into irreversible global warming.

Of those 100 protesters, 25 of us locked themselves together with handcuffs and were arrested in an act of civil disobedience. Carrying a coffin emblazoned with the words “Our Future,” we held flowers and sang an elegy as we marched in procession.

Our action comes a week after a week after the US State Department released a widely criticized Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Keystone XL. While admitting that rejecting the pipeline would have little effect on jobs, the document minimizes claims about the pipeline’s impact on climate change and on communities who would be at risk for devastating pipeline spills like the 2010 Kalamazoo spill, from which the affected communities are still recovering. The impact assessment also makes the assumption that the Alberta tar sands will be developed regardless of whether Keystone XL goes forward—an assumption that we stand with indigenous communities, whose treaties the Canadian government is violating by allowing development of the tar sands, in rejecting.

We did not act in isolation on this day, but as part of an escalating global movement to fight for a stable future, a livable planet, and for justice for affected frontline communities.

In January, eight students locked and glued themselves together in an act of civil disobedience at this same office. Nationwide, the pipeline has already prompted civil disobedience outside the White House, direct blockades of construction from Texas to Oklahoma, and the largest climate rally in US history. Indigenous communities with the Idle No More movement have been resisting tar sands extraction in Alberta, Canada. Today’s action also kicks off a week of solidarity actions being called for by our allies at the Tar Sands Blockade — during the week of March 16th-24th, protesters from across the country will target the offices of TransCanada and its investors.

“If the tar sands are extracted and burned, it will wipe out my future and the future of my entire generation,” said Will Pearl, a Tufts University freshman arrested in our action. “If President Obama will not reject the Keystone XL pipeline, we will stop it ourselves. We will rise up and resist—from the backwoods of Texas, to corporate offices in Massachusetts, to the steps of the White House.”



  1. Brigitte Hayes says:

    Funeral for our Future is a very effective message. This Canadian thanks you – we don’t want the tar sands and the fossil fuel economy either!

    • xgecoder says:

      If you are opposed to the development, demonstrate like these kids. Join with the indigenous peoples to resist the corporate-government alliance that wants this so they will make ever more obscene profits!

  2. Betty Ferster says:

    Thank you.

  3. Deirdre says:

    Thank you

  4. sonya lippold says:

    well done all you people, your carrying a banner for the unfortunately silent majority of people who do not think they have a voice or power to effect change.

  5. John Garrett says:

    Well done and thank you all!

  6. Yaseen says:

    You all are Awesome, I thank you from Maldivian youth climate network -mycn-

  7. Rebecca Friedman says:

    Bravo!!!! You fill me with hope.

  8. kristina johansson says:

    thank you!!!! you are putting your bodies at risk for our future!

  9. Mark Bonar says:

    Only a person that has taken leave of his senses would support the Keystone pipeline. Republicans, of course, believe that they are immune to this type of thinking.

  10. Aylea says:

    Thank You with all my heart for standing up for the future of the people and Our Planet!

  11. Sophie says:

    You guys are awesome!

  12. Dean Cutler says:

    Thank you!
    Please stop the madness now, I do not want or need to live like this any longer.

    “If not now, then when?
    If not here, then where?
    If not us, then who?”


  13. nategold1 says:

    Great action! Thanks.

  14. Carl Narber says:

    These are the people we need to vote into office, people that care about our planet.

  15. Concerned Climate Scientist says:

    You rock!

  16. JEAN says:


  17. Aubergine says:

    Well executed, thank you for your courage!

  18. Becky Hall says:

    You are our heros! What you are doing is so important. Thank you for being so brave.

  19. David Maciewski says:

    Thank you!!!

  20. Ben Beckwith says:

    Yes, we need this kind of action to show we won’t accept business as usual – our lives and the lives of future humans are at stake!

  21. Sarah Metcalf says:

    Thank you. And great song.

  22. chachalives says:

    AWESOME. THANK YOU from Worcester, MA!

  23. Lorko says:

    Thank you

  24. Amara Possian says:

    Thank you. And great song!

  25. ROB SCHUPBACH says:

    I am a 64 year old Nebraska with a lung ailment called COPD. Five year age before my lung problems I could ride my Bike E down the street at 35 Miles per hour and keep up with the cars, now I ride a little slower. But whe a car passes my i really notice the exhaust especially if it a stinkly diesel truck. This experience has caused my to come to the belief that dlimat change is needed, right now. Increased emmissions from a dirty fuel source won’t help improve the health of future generations.

    It time to improve the environment not degrade it. if we don’t, ‘DON’T ASK WHO THE BELL TOLLS FOR, IT TOLLS FOR US!”

  26. Thank You….. What you do today and every day after you accept the death of the Human Race is possible due to Global Warming will establish Your Humanity….

  27. Beautiful. Keep it going, thank you! We support you here on the Northwest where we are also fighting to stop coal export & LNG terminals. We will support the Tar Sands Blockade with our own day of action on March 18.

  28. temblessed says:

    Respect! In Solidarity and in Unity always. ONE loVe

  29. Monica Briggs says:

    I hhope this inspires all of us to do more than BLOG–we need to ACT!

  30. Great job everyone. Solidarity.

  31. Kathryn Eldredge says:

    So much RESPECT! For you all! We are with you in mind, body, spirit and heart! My son is there as well. Mucho love to you all!

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